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We are unable to answer lengthy messages seeking help on the selection of suitable products for a clock.
We can help you with details on one of our part-numbered products, such as the dimensions of a part not given online.
Messages asking us to provide a list of parts that we think will be suitable for a particular project or clock WILL NOT GET A REPLY, simply because we get hundreds of these each week and it is a service we cannot offer.
We are wholesalers and retailers of parts. Our prices do not include time-consuming pre-sales advice. If you cannot identify the item/s you need from our online store or from the free online repair book available on our home page, you probably need to contact a Clock Shop who can order it for you if they don't have one.
The only exception to this is for 400 Day Clocks. We understand that assistance on 400 Day Clocks is hard to find and our unrivalled expertise in these clocks is available to all.

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